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Hey goodlookin’, I’m Ash, writer at large here at Miniskirt Ninja Media.

I love words, hate boxes, and know (without question) there’s a treasure trove of uniqueness in-between those ears of yours.

What we do is get that brilliance out of your mind, on to the page, and into the world.

I’m an expert writer and messaging mentor—meaning I can draw out of you exactly what you’ve been wanting to say yet failing to communicate and translate it into words that have you sighing with relief and recognition.


But enough about me, let’s talk about you.

  • Maybe you’re just starting and you want to enter the scene with a clear message that immediately sets you apart.
  • Perhaps you’re established but are still lacking clarity and definition and you’re tired of people looking at you like a puppy who’s desperate to understand what you’re saying.
  • Or it’s possible you’ve looked at your copy lately and thought, BOR-ING, even my mom doesn’t want to read my about page. It’s flat, floppy. Missing.The.Mark.

Don’t despair, because here’s what I know…

YOU are inspiring. YOU are interesting. You are VALUABLE.


There is someone who doesn’t know your story – but they should.

There is someone who could benefit from what you offer – but they aren’t.

There is someone who wants to connect with you – but they can’t.

WORDS are ambassadors, we choose the right ones for you.

Core Message Clarity

YOU know what you do, the value provide, BUT you can’t seem to communicate it in simple terms that connect with the heart of your audience.


You know I am.

If there’s ONE dilemma that every client and almost every business owner I encounter has in common, it’s that they struggle to communicate what they do in a concise and compelling way.

Some people call it an elevator speech (which I think is an entirely limited view of the thing).

What is really is, is your core message.

Your core message is your communication compass and your center of gravity.

It’s where your messaging originates and it guides all that you say or write.

Your core message can even influence your visual branding – because, after all, the purpose of branding is to convey a feeling and if you don’t know what that is…well then it’s muddled.

Without a clear core message, you stumble and struggle to connect with all the people who are dying for your help.

And here’s the thing, if you can’t communicate what you do, then others can’t connect what they want with what you offer.

Core Message Clarity gives you the foundation on which to build everything.

CMC is a 1:1 30 day process that will anchor you for the rest of your business’ life.

Sales Page Review

Sales pages are an art. I created an Ultimate Guide about how to write them, which will get you far, but sometimes you just want a pair of expert eyes to take a look and point out what needs improving.

In a review, I go through your entire page, make suggestions and on-the-fly copy edits. You can see a couple examples of what a sales page review looks like here. I highly recommend you purchase The Ultimate Guide to Writing Your First 5-Figure Sales Page first; it will make your review much more impactful.


Alluring About Page

About pages are a bitch aren’t they? It’s hard to see yourself as other’s do, and even harder to write about it. I know, but I can see you (and your story) in a way you probably can’t. And, if there’s one page on a website you must get right, it’s your about page.

As the second most visited page on your site visitors are making a snap decision about you + them together. This page needs to grab your reader’s eyeballs, keep them interested and poke at their emotional rainbow so they identify themselves in your story and want to know more.

Does your about page do that? No? Let’s remedy that.


Blog Posts

500-1000 word essays researched and written just for you! These are especially potent if you’re doing a series ramping up to a launch, really want to get your audience’s attention for a specific topic, or know you need to publish epic content, but it takes you far too long to write it yourself (you’re better off making money doing your thang).

Single Post: $150

4 Posts: $550 ($50 savings)

8 posts: $1100 ($100 savings)

Essential Web Copy


Your Calling Card

In today’s world, your website is the face of your company. Think of the last time you bought something, ate at a restaurant, or shopped at a store without first reading a review or checking out their site. That’s right…it’s been a while.

Essential Web Copy Includes:

  • Home Page
  • About Page
  • Services or Product Page (not a long form sales page)
  • Contact Page
  • Opt In Copy (because, let’s be honest, nobody wants to Join Your List)


Sales Funnel Emails

Whew-wee, if you’re creating a proper sales funnel, hat’s off to you my friend. They are intense, but OH SO WORTH IT.

Of course you need to create magnetic and beautiful deliverables (see below for those), but in between what’ll really sell your people is your sales funnel emails.

And here’s a secret you might not know, we don’t sell off the bat (that’s a rookie mistake that I won’t let you make).


Looking to set up your funnel from freebie to initial offer? We’ll do a gorgeous 5-email funnel.
Already have your core offer in place? We’ll do an 8-email series.

5 Series: $750 or 8 Series: $997

Ghostwriting aka Your Knowledge Written By Me

Speaking of deliverables. We’ll work together to make your lead magnets, courses, speeches and whatever else so bang on amazing, that you’ll have repeat clients for years.

Examples are:

  • Lead Magnet
  • Online Course
  • Manifesto
  • Speech
  • Video Series
  • Presentation
  • The I must find the right words or an asteroid will strike me dead Project

Price dependent on project.

Do You Have a Special Project That’s Not Covered Here?

How It Works

Step One: Purchase the services above. After which you’ll receive a receipt and and welcome email which contains a link to the questionnaire (this tells me all about you, your business, and what makes you tick).

Step Two: I’ll contact you asap with a kick-off date for your project (usually 1-3 weeks from today) and send you an agreement form that helps us stay on the same page which you’ll sign online via Adobe Sign (online signatures rock!). If for any reason, between now and your kick-off date, something goes wrong and we won’t be able to begin our work together, payment is 100% refundable.

Step Three: You’ll return the questionnaire to be at least 24 hours before your project kick-off date.

Step Four: On your day. I’ll spend time digging into everything that is you and your biz. That evening, I’ll email you follow-up questions to ensure we’re on the same page in the same book—this way I can write most efficiently.

Step Five: You’ll respond to those questions within 24 hours.

Step Six: Once I receive your responses, I’ll let you know when to expect your first round of drafts. We work in google docs, so the review and editing process is super streamlined.

Step Seven: You’ll review all your draft copy, make comments, highlight it all, be down and dirty honest with your thoughts. Whatever your feedback, I want to hear it!

Step Eight: Requested revisions, edits and spit-shining will commence.

Step Nine: You’ll provide round two feedback.

Step Ten: You’ll receive your final deliverable, ready to be used wherever and however you desire. They’re yours baby.

Step Eleven: Optional celebratory Irish jig or solo grind around the living room.

Does it GET any better? Why, yes it does.

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