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For Bootstrappers & Booming Businesses
who want more personality, purpose, and profit in their communication.


For Bootstrappers & Booming Businesses who want more personality, purpose, and profit in their communication.

44 Secrets to Writing Copy That Shines

You may have found your true north (ole!), but do you know how to WRITE about it?

This wee book will help you shine your writing – copper penny like – so that your readers want to READ, baby.

For less than a sandwich you will learn a few (44) tricks that will make a massive difference to your bottom line. And, in true ninja style, it’s fun and easy to follow – whatah!

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Your First 5-Figure Sales Page

You’d rather wash your hair with a porcupine than write a sales page. I know, you’re not the only one, I promise you dollface. Unfortunately, if you want sales, you really can’t do without them.

Writing sales pages can be a heady business. What to put in? What to leave out?  How to make your customers want to buy without coming across like a pervy pick-pocket. We’ve all seen those sales pages!

But that’s not how we do things on the ninja scene. The Ultimate Guide will catapult you into writing sales pages that sing from your heart, not from some cookie cutter template.

If you’re thinking of selling anything, you’ll want this guide by your side, baby.

Master Your Messaging

Master Your Messaging is an online course that teaches you HOW to communicate your message with clarity and confidence.

You’ll gain the fundamental understanding of crafting compelling copy, and learn the processes behind great writing and the get all the tools and templates to guide you.

Each week you’ll learn not only the how, but the why of specific pieces of copy. Because a template is worthless unless you know the why behind it and can therefore make it your own. 

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