About Ash

About Ash

Ooooo You’re Here

Yeah you, with the enthused and fiery voice in your head and a heart bursting with passion.

You who wishes your company and your audience spoke more of the same language because you know if they just understood your value better, business would be a-boomin’.

I know you.

Psst YOU, over there in the haze, unsure about your next step, cursing the marketing daemons, and currently scraping the interwebs craving guidance.

I know you too.

Oh goodness me, don’t think I forgot about you standing o’er yonder looking to squeeze a little more joy, ease, and time into your days.

I KNOW you.

And now that you’re here, you’re not alone my (soon-to-be) friends.

Here on the Ninja scene we specialize in messaging mastery and inspiration translation. We focus on writing, creative marketing that doesn’t feel like selling, and living a fun-filled fantastic life on YOUR terms.

Whether it’s between you and you (first step), or you and your audience, I’ve got the words, the spurs, and the rally to get you there.

Here you’ll find equal parts learning, action, and inspiration. It doesn’t matter if you’re an established biz, just started one, or are thinking of finally opening that etsy store, there’s something here for you.

Our credos:

You are valuable.

Your voice is meant to be heard.

Life is supposed to be fun.

Hi I’m Ash, messaging mentor, writer and founder here at Miniskirt Ninja.

A snippet of my story…


I was born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii, but I’m a traveler and have spent as much time off island as on.

I’ve lived in the high desert of California, the flatlands of Michigan, the fabric of Los Angeles, the breathtaking beauty of Patagonia, and currently reside in Mid-Pac Paradise. Pieces of every place I’ve experienced have lodged themselves into that soft space from which creativity comes, influencing everything I do.

I’m an engineer, turned architect, turned graphic designer, turned writer, turned real estate investor, turned copywriter & mentor – some would call it career ADD, I call it dream discovery.

Along that shiny adventure of seeking and finding I mastered an essential skill: connecting with people. I understand humans. How to pique their interests. How to poke at their emotional rainbow. How to draw from them what they truly want to say, stimulating in them a desire to do more, be more, learn more, love more, and LIVE MORE.

For a long time I did that with graphic design.

I’m even better with words.

Copywriting found me while I was on one of my career tangents (real estate) and swept me away like a scarf on the wind – oh boy did we dance. Since that gorgeous day in 2011, it’s been non-stop and has continued to evolve and expand in ways I’d never anticipated.

When you find that thing, you DO it, and you do it FULL OUT.

Already a published writer, I became a sponge for all things copywriting and marketing – especially marketing that feels natural (because I hate that sleezy selling shiz too).

Today my clients are business owners of all stages who collaborate with moi to distill, devise, and deliver their message in a way that has their clients clamoring for more. It’s a raucous good time.

Doing what you love is imperative in this life, and great people make work feel less like wilting slowly in a dank prison cell, and more like love wrapped in sunshine, tied with a rainbow.

Business is supposed to be fun. I look at it as a great adventure with a fabulous upside – provide value to elated humans and have the ability to choose your life, not have it chosen for you.

The moments I’m not having an intimate dinner with my thesaurus, I spend surfing, traveling, adventuring, the ocean, and the general outdoors.

When you do it right, freedom is the sweetest reward.

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